Collaborative Projects

Collaborative projects occupy an important place in the work of Kraslava State Gymnasium. They motivate students, enhance learning, promote critical thinking, develop skills necessary for life and contribute to youngsters` intellectual and personal growth. During the last three school years several collaborative projects have taken place:

1) Collaboration with Visaginas Town Verdenes Gymnasium, Lithuania

Collaboration started in 2003. Implemented activities: meetings of the administration of partner schools, teachers’ visits, students’ exchanges, exchanging exhibitions. Number of students and teachers involved: 70 students and 30 teachers

2) Bilateral collaborative project “My Europe” (within the framework of the programme “Youth for Europe”)

Partner school - Garforth High School, Garforth (Leeds), England, the U.K. The project started in May and ended in October 2009. Implemented activities: project participants` getting acquainted via Internet using video, visit to the partner school, training in using project software, making videofilms about the EU and actual local issues and publishing them on the project web-site. Number of students and teachers involved: 8 students and 2 teachers.

3) Bilateral collaborative project ,,Voice It Europe” (within the framework of the programme “Youth for Europe”)

Partner school - the Abby School, Reading, England, the U.K. The project started in January and ended in September 2008. Implemented activities: participants` getting acquainted via Internet, visit to Kraslava by representatives of the partner team, training in using the software necessary for working on the project, researching into the EU related themes and local issues, visit to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, meeting with Valdis Dombrovskis and James Alles (England) to interview both members of the EU Parliament, creating the project products (video and audio interviews to be published on the projects web-site), visit to the partner school in Reading. Number of participants: 12 students and 2 teachers

4) Project “We Are the Neighbours” (in the frames of eTwinning programme)

Partner schools - Giumnazjum Nr 3 Wloclawku (Poland), Gymnasium Ceska Lipa (Czech Republic), Prienu “Azuolo” pagrindine mokykla (Lithuania), Gymnazium Kralovsky Chlmec (Slovakia). Collaboration started in September 2007 and finished in June 2008. Implemented activities: fulfilling monthly tasks, summarizing materials about neighbouring countries, making presentations in PowerPoint, creating a quiz, presenting the project at the National eTwinning Conference (Year National Award received). Project participants: 20 students and 1 teacher.

5) Multilateral exchange project “European Citizenship and Cultural Identity” (in the frames of the programme “Youth in Action”, Helsinki, Finland, 2008)

Participating countries: Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Latvia. Theme of the project – Polynesian culture & Polynesian dances. Project participants: 10 students and 2 teachers.

6) Multilateral exchange project “Global Warming Problems from the View of Youngsters” (“Youth for Europe”, Romania 2008)

Participating countries: Romania, Hungary, Latvia. Theme of the project – Environment. Project participants: 6 students and 1 teacher

7) Multilateral exchange project “Madrid Says Antiracism” (“Youth”, Madrid, Spain, 2007)

Participating countries: Spain, Turkey, Latvia. Project participants: 5 students and 1 teacher.

8) Project “Europe - Motherland and Stranger’’ in Jena, Germany 2007

Project participants: 10 students and 2 teachers

9) Internet collaborative project ,,Global Teenager’’

Kraslava State Gymnasium has been participating in GTP since 2002. 3 - 4 groups of students take part in the project Learning Circles every year.